Now recruiting for Step Change 2018

Time to grow your business? FEO Step Change For Growth initiative focuses on enhancing your company’s performance and profitability.

Do I qualify?

Yes, provided you are:

  • A business owners/lead entrepreneur of a private sector enterprise.
  • Your business is based in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • You have an appetite to grow your business over the next 5 years.
  • You employ a team of people
  • You want to create more local jobs within your company.
  • You can commit to all 6 sessions and their follow up “homework” tasks.

How much does it cost?

There is no financial cost*, however we do ask that delegates make the most of the opportunity by committing to all sessions and embracing positive actions in their businesses. We also hope that delegates will become an ambassador for FEO by either joining as a member or inspiring others to take part.

How will Step Change help you and your business?

  • Empower you to develop a strategy with competitive advantages based on detailed customer feedback.
  • Help you to ‘let go to grow’, enabling you to focus on what you are good at.
  • Challenge you to spend time working on, as well as in your businesses whilst strengthening your team.
  • Focus you on boosting your margins and improving controls to ensure a solid platform for the future.

How does it work?

A small group of entrepreneurs from non-competing businesses attend six interactive half day sessions over a six month period to help them improve their business in a range of key areas. There is also a review session, held three months after session six.

The facilitators and hosts are entrepreneurs who have successfully been through the step change programme and having seen the benefits have agreed to “pay it forward” by inspiring others to succeed.

Our belief is that entrepreneurs learn the most from each other and so our peer-to-peer model is most effective. At the start of each Step Change course, everyone agrees to a mutually respectful code regarding confidentiality.

Previous Step Change participants have increased sales and created on average 3 more jobs in their business after completing the programme.

Here’s what they say:

“Nothing felt like a waste of time - it was all good!”

“We’ve conducted the most thorough analysis of our business ever.”

“I absolutely recommend Step Change, 100% Fantastic, informative sessions enhanced by personal experiences - inspiring!”

Deadline: Friday 17th November 2017.


*Participants will be asked to undertake an external personal entrepreneurial profiling exercise before the programme begins, at a cost of £50. Also included is a limited edition copy of David Hall’s latest book Entrecode - Unlocking the Entrepreneurial DNA which will be an invaluable read as the Step Change programme progresses.

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