Alison Ellis


Care to Talk Limited

Born in North Yorkshire and brought up in Thirsk, I moved to East Yorkshire – or as it was known then ‘Humberside’ – in 1993 and have lived in and around the area since. I moved here with my husband for him and his business partner to set up, what is now, a large very successful and nationally recognised local company. Sadly the building of a new business can be very stressful, financially pressured and time consuming, and the relationship didn’t last but my passion for, and my bond with, the local area did.

I believe I am the luckiest mum ever and have been blessed with two wonderful sons. Both will soon be leaving Beverley Grammar School 6th form and will fly the nest to go to university leaving me both heartbroken and excited in equal measure about the next chapter for us all. I’m so proud of the amazing, compassionate, caring young men they have become and there can be no better accolade than that for any parent.

I have been in sales all of my working life. I set up Care to Talk in August 2015 which was born out of a desire to deliver great and reliable customer service, account management and a fantastic ongoing client relationship. I believe you should always under promise and over deliver – never the other way round! I concentrate on business mobile phone contracts which I’ve worked with for well over a decade. Most of my customers are within the Hull and north Lincolnshire areas but some of my largest contracts are much further afield, some even over the Pennines….

I work together with my clients to deliver a tailored solution and support them totally throughout their contract period. My customers are often as loyal to me as I am to them and that’s what gives me the continued passion for the business and it’s what I really love about Care to Talk.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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