Steve Trister


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Steven Trister is an international Public Speaking & Communication Skills Coach. He is also a professional Comedy Actor. In May 2017 he founded The 3c Club, a monthly business and personal development group focused on increasing confidence, clarity and connection every time you speak.

Steven has worked with well over 2,000 business professionals since 2007 sharing the secrets of The Craft of Performance. After attending numerous networking events, he was shocked at how many people couldn’t communicate in a way that was truly engaging.

For over a decade now he has been sharing core acting and performance skills with senior execs, entrepreneurs, professional speakers and small business owners. Each one of them improving how they engage and entertain their audience. He loves to challenge audiences to consider a new way of communicating. You won’t see Steve intellectualising about his methods. Before you know it, you’ll be standing up and feeling them for yourself.

In his spare time his passions include personal and spiritual development, mountain biking, cycling, table tennis, watching football and being out in nature with his wife Jolene.

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