Clare Bennett

Managing Director,

Pole 4 Fitness

Clare has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, beginning her career as a gym instructor for local gyms and progressing into management.

Clare started her own fitness club for ladies – ‘Fitness Finesse’ in June 2000. She did everything wrong made all the rookie mistakes that people do when starting a business and believed the answer to success was to work harder. With this in mind the business expanded and moved to larger premises and became a mixed gym with a martial arts school.

In 2005 Clare decided to work smarter and opened one of the country’s first purpose-built pole dancing studios – a courageous move! People scoffed at her idea and waited for the business to fail.

Pole 4 Fitness has developed and progressed into a large company, boasting 3 different studios that provide a fun way to get fit in a non-intimidating environment for people learn the skill. In 2010 circus skills in the form of aerial hoop and silks were added to the timetable, this was another innovative idea that is exclusive to her in this region as a means to improve health and fitness.

In addition to this, Clare has also written and produced a beginner’s guide to fitness pole dancing DVD and written an instructor’s training course for pole dancing.

The business is still expanding and Clare has created a side line to the business called North East Events that to begin with is hosting a regional competition and other events within the pole and aerial circuit.

Clare has managed to do all of this whilst competing as a bodybuilder, a motivational and educational speaker in the subjects of nutrition, training and veganism. She is also a mum to two children.

Clare can help you to change your habits, focus your thoughts and improve the health of your body and mind as well as your business.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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