Vince Bolger

Owner / Managing Director,

Humberside Cleaning and Maintenance Co Ltd T/A ServiceMaster Clean

Vince Bolger is the Managing Director of Humberside Cleaning and Maintenance Co Ltd T/A ServiceMaster Clean and Partner of Smoothies and More. To his teachers’ surprise, Vince Bolger left school with 8 O-Levels not knowing what career he wanted to take but knowing exactly which ones he didn’t want to take. In his early years he drifted between jobs in accounting, sales and banking, obtaining reasonable grounding in each but being master of none. Being made redundant in 1993 finalised Vince’s opinion that working for others was not for him. Still not knowing where his ambitions lied, Vince attended the National Franchise exhibition where ServiceMaster Clean a franchise for commercial office cleaning caught his attention. He realised that cleaning was not rocket science but demanded high levels of customer centricity, motivation and controlling employees along with a mixture of the skills from the three previous areas he had worked in. February 1993 with zero sales and staff, Humberside Cleaning and Maintenance Company Limited was established, trading as Service Master Clean. By March 1993 Vince’s wife was pregnant with their first child and would have to stop working, putting great strain on finances during this start up period. Since then Vince developed his business to a position of employing over 100 staff. He gained experience from the good times and the bad. He developed a business which employs predominantly low paid, low skilled workers on a part time basis whilst still being able to keep an extremely low staff turnover level and high standard of service. Vince takes great pleasure from the fact that he has maintained this even during periods of rapid growth and culture change. Vince is currently diversifying and finding himself again in the start up process running another business from scratch this time with my son. Trading under Smoothies and More we aim to “maximise profits and smooth cash flow” for local food outlets by sourcing great wholesome produce delivering directly to their premises through our regular delivery service. By providing natural frozen Smoothies, milkshakes, soups and various other product lines we aim to capture the latest trends in the market and make it easy for small outlets to retail these efficiently.

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