Mark Taylor

Managing Director,

Wastege Waste Management Ltd

Mark created Wastege Waste Management Ltd, a specialist hazardous waste management and industrial services company in 2013.

After spending a number of years creating another company in the same industry in Australia, and contacts in Asia, he returned to the UK and launched Wastege, taking up the challenge of investing just £1 to start the company and using his contacts to secure his first orders, now turning over more than £2 million a year and growing, with offices in Hull, Patrington and London.

Waste will always be a growth industry as Wastege deals with some very dangerous, specialist and challenging hazardous waste contracts across the UK. Wastege is growing its turnover and profits year after year, and recently secured its biggest national contract in 2018.

Mark left home after leaving school at 16 years old and says he experienced a lot of hardships that have made him the stronger business person he is today, saying once you have stared into the abyss, there is only upward and nothing to lose.

In the 1997 he established the successful Hull-based specialist waste company Cleartech Ltd, a business he steered to rapid growth over a decade, before selling in 2009.

He says part of his success is understanding what it takes to survive when the odds are stacked against him. He says he has recruited staff who are ambitious, determined and driven, but who didn’t always have the educational qualifications behind them, but giving them an opportunity by supporting their growth and qualifications within the business.

Mark has other business, such as Housetech Ltd, a property investment business and Hazcare Ltd a spill control product business.

What is an entrepreneur? Is there a clear definition?

Being focused, determined, and never giving up always helps!

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